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Making MM Decent!

Posted by Paul

This morning I masked off a line on each side of the hull at about the middle of the panel and then masked off the area below the tape line with black plastic. The reason for doing this is so that I have a straight edge where the highbuild and resin stops to feather out. I didn’t do this when I glassed the hull and I found the resin drips and bog runs made it more difficult to fair evenly. There will be more glassing and bogging on the bottom of these panels when the hull is turned right way up and the topsides are glassed in so there will be a similar fairing job from the top down and this line will make it easier to fair to later.

skirt on outboard bowskirt on outboardskirt on inboard bow

After I had the skirts in place I barely had time to give the hull a final wipe down (just with a damp cloth) to get the remnants of dust off the hull ready for the resin coat and highbuild tomorrow, before I had to rush off to a wedding. Mine!!!

Jo and I decided to get married on the quiet. We wanted the formality without the ceremony or fuss. We hired a celebrant and a photographer, more to act as a witness than to take the photos and did the worlds shortest marriage ceremony (it was faster than in Vegas, it literally took about 5 minutes) and then we went to Akuna bay to look at boats and have a burger! Next year we plan to do it all again in Vegas with a Rodney Dangerfield impersonator but they aren’t legal anywhere but the US. But for now, it was just a formality. No fuss, no honeymoon!

Tomorrow morning I will resin coat the hull and tomorrow late afternoon I will give it the first coat of highbuild.

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