Building Logs

Main Bathroom, Shower and Laundry

Posted by Paul

Well what can I say in my defence? Not much really, I have been getting the boat work done but not logging it as often as I should be and I would be surprised if most readers are bothering with me anymore. But let me assure you readers that are hanging in there with me, eventually I will finish both the boat and this website. Start to finish will all be logged. Sooner or as is usually the case, later. This past 6 weeks I have been working at the rear of the port hull, getting the plumbing in and the furniture around it for the main bathroom, shower and laundry. Once finished there will only be some loose ends to finish (bedrooms which are waiting on the mast posts) before I move back outside to start on the mechanicals of steering and motor propulsion before the last step in this horrendously long build, the final finishing.

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