Standing bulkheads, Starboard Hull

Last bulkheads stood

Posted by Paul

The last of the bulkheads were stood today with only a small temp to go, you can see it leaning against the wall in the last photo ready to stand so it should go up in about an hour or so.

The full shape of the hull has now emerged, the curve (rocker) in the keel, the twist in the chamfer, the widening from the bow and tapering again to the stern all now visible. The last bulkhead (8) and the last temp (6) are the easiest to stand because they are so light but still difficult to get into the exact position because being small they are so far from the things I measure against such as the stringline at WL1200.

With just an hour or so to go until all of the bulkheads and temps are stood I think I can confidently say that I have done the starboard hull 25% faster than the port hull took.

I will probably start glassing the inside of the hull planks the rest of the evenings this week in readiness to start planking on the weekend.

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