Standing bulkheads

Last 3 Bulkheads Stood Today

Posted by Paul

I stood the last 3 bulkheads today and apart from a few more screws and a last final (and complete) re check of all measurements I am pretty much done with the standing of the bulkheads. But not before a minor drama (of my own stupidity!!) today. I got bulkhead 7, the last of the full bulkheads up without any drama and in less than 2 hours. Then I got to bulkhead 8 and found that even though it is small and really light it is hard to get into the correct position because it is up in the air high above my stringline for square, and a long way from my centre stringline and the tape measure that runs along the strongback to help me place each bulkhead exactly. Anyway, I used the laser levels to ensure it was in the right position and measured off the last bulkhead to ensure it was square, I made a rule to plumb each panel independent of the others because if you use the last panel as your guide and it is out you end up with 2 panels or more that are out and problems can get progressively worse with that method. But I had no choice because of the position.


But then on the very last bulkhead the fun and games started. The plans call for the top of tbh 6, the very last panel to stand, to be 357mm above DWL. So I duly measured and double checked then stood the legs, but it didn’t look quite right. I saw it right away, the moment I got the legs up. Instead of following the slope that the last few bulkheads were on, the last one was heading in the opposite direction as you will see from the photo below. The mistake I made is that I forgot that the hull is upside down. I measure 357mm above my stringline which is at DWL, but of course with the hull upside down this made it 357mm below DWL!! I quickly adjusted the legs and re stood the bulkhead and all now looks as it should.


I re measured and adjusted (nothing more than a millimetre here and there) and screwed the last few screws in, and I took the opportunity to reinforce some of the bracing. I am satisfied that the bulkheads are stood correctly and as plumb and true as I can get them.

The next stage in construction will be to start attaching the full length hull panels to the bulkheads. Then I can say I have a hull!

Because of family Christmas commitments I am not planning on this happening until after Christmas.

Seasons greetings to all.

Time Spent: 50.00 Hours
Total build time so far: 129.00 Hours Total Elapsed Time: 3 Months 2 weeks

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