Keying Saloon Roof Coat

Posted by Paul

I am very happy with the white epoxy coat. I applied it very thick and it has acted like a highbuild filler and filled most of the irregularities of the unfaired saloon roof. In places it is so thick and because it is self levelling is very smooth. I applied the coat late in the afternoon on a coolish day so I got very few heat bubbles in the set. I was not quite so thick in some parts and the weave of the cloth below has stamped through the thinner areas and because the thick areas are so smooth and so nice a finish that I have decided I would like a second coat, just to make the overall finish a bit more uniform.

saloon roof light sandsaloon roof light sand1

Using the Bohler I am keying the surface of the white epoxy. What this means is I am sanding the smooth gloss finish off the surface in order for the next coat to have something to grip to. It took me a little over an hour to apply the first coat so about an hour should be enough time to apply another coat. And about an hour to sand the surface enough to remove the gloss on the surface. So I feel it is worth the 2 hours work and the small amount of white epoxy to get a really good surface even if it will be under a lining and unseen the entire time.

Once I have this extra coat on and a coat of highbuild on the cockpit roof I will turn the roof over and finish the cockpit edge glassing. Once that is done the roof can go on the boat. I wont cut the sunroof holes until the roof is attached. Whilst it will be easier on the ground there is a small risk that the holes will weaken the roof sufficiently that when manhandling it onto the boat it might break. Unlikely but not worth the risk. Imagine my horror if it did. Once on the boat I can cut the holes, de-core the edges and back fill with a uni rope to re strengthen the roof and once the sunroofs are in the roof should be strong enough again to walk on.

I am very excited at the prospect of getting the roof on the boat. It is one of the milestones I have dreamt about for a long time. With the roof and cockpit sides on the shell is complete. There is of course a mountain of work still to do but at least the shape of the boat (apart from the rear steps) will be completed.

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