Attaching hull panels

Just Half The Chamfer to Glue

Posted by Paul

I only got a little done today, I have now glued all the panels including the rear half of the chamfer and also started filling some of the larger gaps with strips cut from off-cut Duflex. I will hopefully get the front of the chamfer glued tomorrow. It is a big job but I am hoping that when I let the screws off and the panel springs out, it will retain some of its memory of the bend and the stress to get it back down and screwed again wont be as great as the effort to get it down the first time. Nevertheless I will have the clamps and ratchet straps ready to replicate what Brett and I did first time around.

I recommend you purchase one of the cheap work bench clamps. They are only around $20 and have the ability to clamp odd shapes which as you can see helps when clamping off cuts. You can see the mark for cutting (with a jigsaw) this fill strip. This is intended for the gap between bulkhead 3 and chamfer which I will add when I glue the chamfer tomorrow. I have already mad a strip for the small gap at the stern at the chamfer (middle pic) and will need to make a long strip for the keel (last pic taken before I added the rest of the hull planks). You can see the length of the gap (about 6mt) in one of the overhead shots of the hull with the panels on. If I have no trouble getting the chamfer finished tomorrow I will set about filling the keel and then I can start on filling the rest of the hull and removing screws and filling the holes.


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