Posted by Paul

They say that behind every good Schionning Builder is a good wife. Well…assuming that Paul is a good Schionning Builder, yesterday I officially became the “good wife”. Paul and I had a small wedding ceremony at 2pm on the 8th of the 7th in the 6th. The “good wife” definition can be attested to because we needed to leave at midday to drive to the Celebrant and Paul was still at the warehouse working on the boat at 11.15am. The ceremony took 30 seconds and there was the awkward bit where we wanted to bunk off to our “Reception”, but the celebrant insisted we share a bottle of Spumante’ to celebrate….Very nice gesture on their behalf, but we’d planned a no frills wedding with minimal fuss and here we were stuck making chit chat while we tried to swallow the wine. Fortunately the “good wife” came to the rescue and initiated conversation about our boat building. Paul managed to lose 30 minutes before he took a breath. He sure is a passionate husband….when it comes to his passion…Mahna Mahna. I sure am a good wife when it comes to his passion….Now.

We had a lovely wedding reception. I sat in the car sending messages to family advising them we’d just been married, Paul drove listening to the footy on the radio and we headed to Akuna Bay in the Kuring-gai National Park. There is a lovely marina there (no multi-hulls… doh!) where we grabbed a hamburger and a coffee to celebrate our nuptials. We were back home at Gosford by 6pm. Paul was back at the warehouse by 8am Sunday morning. I think he needed to celebrate over some resin and High-Build?

For all of those interested here are a few photos of our wedding day….


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