January 22nd 2008

Posted by Paul

Well don’t I feel like a fool. I had my rant about the In-Laws ignoring my weight loss in previous posts. We have just returned from a 10 day visit with them and I discovered why they didn’t see my posts. Let’s just say that their computer is SO old that if I started it up today, you may get this page downloaded by this time next year! (Welcome to 2009 Pat and Marie if you’re reading this) Who remembers Windows 2000 – yep it was before ME, XP and Vista? As someone who works daily on a computer you do tend to forget that there are still people who don’t check their emails every 5 minutes. I wasn’t able to do any work from their system as eBay wouldn’t load and forget about Internet Banking! I’m completely over the dissin’ as their excuse has been verified. Let’s just say that after the lovely visit and the European hospitality my weight loss seems to have been put into a reverse spin with less emphasis on the loss and more on the weight if you know what I mean. We start walking again this week.

Paul’s 4 year old nephew Patrick was duly impressed with Uncle Paul’s Shark Boat. He’s an underwater creature nut, so to see photos of a shark painted on a boat was very cool. Little Pat gave us clear instructions on what to do if we saw a snake on his family farm… “Stop, walk backwards slowly and tell me…don’t even touch it with your finger” After seeing photos of Paul’s Shark Boat, Pat has also included sharks and blue whales in his snake sighting instructions… “If you see a snake or a Great White Shark or a Great Blue Shark or a Blue Whale…stop, walk backwards….” He won’t have to tell me that twice if I see a blue whale on the farm!

Emily (10) and Georgia (9) had a great time looking through all of our boat building photos too. I took them outside to pace out the size of our boat. Georgia stood near the gate while Emily and myself stepped out 12+ metres. Emily then stayed in her spot while I paced out 7 metres. By the time I’d finished counting they’d gotten bored and were on the trampoline! I’m sure when Uncle Paul invites them to have a holiday on the Great Barrier Reef they’ll be more impressed. It’s hard for anyone to visualize such a big project, including me, so we’ll just have to show them the real thing.

Oh and by the way Emily and Georgia… yes your bum does look big in those shorts! Thanks Tyler’s for a great holiday!

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