Computer crash

Posted by Paul

Last week my computer crashed, a fault with a ram chip corrupted windows and it had to be re imaged, which is new speak for vista needed to be re installed, but the repair guys had to wipe the hard drive clean first. Fortunately I had a recent back up of most of my files including this website, but unfortunately I have not backed up my emails for quite a while. So I lost all of the emails sent to me as well as my replies, and your email addresses. So if you have emailed me in the last 3 months I need you to email me again on paul@yikes.com.au so that I can get all of the contact details from you again. Better yet if you could forward me the emails I sent to you and that you sent to me I can restore my email archive.

No work on the boat today, I was busy restoring my computer and working on product submissions all day.

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