Filling hull joins, Starboard Hull

Half Filled Hull

Posted by Paul

I got about 2 hours in yesterday and about 3 hours today and have managed to get about half the hull panels filled. I am able to do them much faster and much neater than I did on the first hull. I think I will have the whole hull filled by the weekend and will start working on sanding the joins smooth and round in preparation for glassing.

front half of hull filletedfront inboard third of hull filleted

I have also filled the gap at bulkhead 3. With the plug cut, it was just a touch too tight so I trimmed it with the rasp and it went into place easily, so I just covered both edges with glue and put it in place and cleaned up the excess glue into neat coves. I was just a little short with the plug so I filled the bottom 10cm with filler. In all I reckon this took me about 40 minutes to fix. And as far as structure, it will make no difference as this is just a core repair and the whole join will be covered with glass on both sides.

bh3 gap plugbh3 filled

I still have the join in the keel to fill and I will attempt that next week once my knee is a little stronger as I will have to spend a lot of time on the top rung of the ladder. I am planning on the weekend after next to glass and bog the hull, Saturday to glass, Sunday to bog.

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