Attaching hull panels

Gluing The Panels Down

Posted by Paul

After a leisurely morning showing the boat (I am starting to refer to it as a boat now!) to some prospective boat builders in my area, I spent my Sunday afternoon unscrewing what I have called the bilgeboards from the bulkheads, from the mdf temps in the centre of the boat forward on each side of the hull, then wedging the panel away from the bulkheads and applying glue to the edges of the bulkheads and re screwing the panel down. Because of the other panels already screwed on (which is not what I would have done had I not been behind schedule for the chamfer work with Brett on Friday, I would normally attach and then glue them before the next panel below is in place) it is easier to apply the glue from the inside of the hull for most of the bulkheads. Either way it is an easy process.

I then repeat the process from the central mdf temp bulkhead back and the panels are glued.

I could have got a lot more done today but I have worked fairly hard at it the last few days so I have given myself permission to take it a bit easier for a while. I still managed to get both the bilgeboards glued today but if I had worked all day and a little faster I could probably have finished the next panels down as well. Today’s work was fairly easy and unrushed and I enjoy it far more this way. The panels screw back on with very little effort now that they have sat in position for a day or 2. After the panels are screwed back down I then went around and smeared any glue that squeezed out of the join into a nice clean line with my finger and removed any excess and also added some here and there where the glue line was a little thin.


You can see from the last 2 pictures, some of the repair work needed because of the kit cut errors in the cad drawings. The edge of bulkhead 3 at the chamfer panel is a little out and the panel will not curve this far. It needs a piece about a meter long added starting at 0 and out to around 15mm then tapering back to nothing. And the part removed from the chamfer at the top (bottom actually but the hull is upside down) is almost identical in size and shape to the piece that needs to be added at the bottom (top where the deck turn starts) and I will add this when I strip plank the deck turn.

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