Gluing Roof Planks

Posted by Paul

An hour is better than nothing. I glued the last of my duracore planks long enough to strip the entire length of the roof. The roof is going to be about 100mm short of 2 full lengths glued end on end. I am short about 4 planks of finishing the roof with the duracore I have but I have some duflex that I can substitute, it is essentially the same except instead of hoop pine veneer (duracore) it has a layer of glass each side (duflex). In something like a deck, hull or cabin top, duracore (or duflex) as the name suggests is a core only and the strength, waterproofing etc comes from the skin (the fibreglass) so duracore or duflex are both balsa cores so for all intents and purposes no real difference between the 2. The entire roof will be glassed again both sides so apart from a little extra weight (because of the extra glass and resin on the duflex) there is not disadvantage (or advantage) in using duflex instead.

roof planks

Once I start planking with these I will have a better idea of how much more material I need and how I use it. I will probably strip these to thinner strips to do the harder parts of the curve at the edges of the roof that curve both fore and aft and side to side and use the duflex in the middle of the roof that only has the front to rear slope to cope with so I can use wider strips. (The reason I am short is I used 2 of my planks on the dingy and the rest I used on the curved foredeck when there was a duflex panel for that in the kit!) I have posted some new Nine Lives pictures. These were taken a few weeks ago, I will take more later this week, not much visual change for a while, mostly under floor fittings and pads for mast, winches, etc.

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