Attaching hull panels

Glassing The Inside of Keelboards

Posted by Paul

The method I use to attach the hull planks to ensure they are in the correct position fore and aft is to sit them in place (the keel panels) and then bend the bow sections down to meet the 0 bulkhead, then once I am satisfied they meet correctly I attach the panel at the 2 central temp bulkheads and go back to the bow to recheck. If they haven’t moved, I can then go along all the other bulkheads and screw them down. For to the rest of the panels, the method is the same, (I need them aligned with the bow) and they are just as easy as they are hanging in the ratchet straps. I figure any discrepancies are easier to fix at the stern hence my ensuring the bow is correct and working from there.

Having found out from Schionning’s that the keel panels need to fitted with the curved section to the centreline of the hull, I screwed them to the hull using the above method then removed them again, then removed the peel ply and glassed the 10 sections (at bulkhead 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 on each panel) to cure overnight. I have reconsidered attaching the panels whilst the glass is wet as it is too difficult to get them into place (on my own!) without moving the glass by scraping it as I place the panel into the correct position. On reflection there is little benefit because in the end this gluing is only to hold the panel in place until the fibreglassing is done, has little structural benefit as you are just gluing the panel to a balsa core and 2 x 1mm edges of fibre glass that is already cured (the pre applied glass on the bulkheads). This way you also get a chance to clean the fibreglass up, grind the edges back where it has gone over the edges and prepare the surface for the tapes that will be mechanically bonded to them on the inside of the hull to the bulkheads. This is much easier to do on a workbench flat than up over your head on the inside of the hull before it is turned over, or backbreaking bending to do it on the floor if done after the hull is turned.

So first thing tomorrow, I will clean the edges and score the surface of the glassed areas on the keel panels and then glue and screw them into place. Then whilst they are curing (all day tomorrow) I will glass the rest of the hull panels to start fitting on Wednesday. I am hoping to have the rest of the panels done Wednesday because I have a meeting to attend Thursday and if I can get all the panels fitted except the chamfer, Brett is going to come down to help me attach that on Friday. There is a minor error in the kit cut of the chamfer panel that makes it a little trickier than normal to fit and it is already the toughest to fit under normal circumstances because of the bend, twist and the size of it. It has to be Friday that Brett comes to help because the following Tuesday he goes to America to help another Schionning builder (Jim, the Schionning agent on the US West Coast) with a 1420 under construction. So it’s Friday or I get no help, as I can’t wait another month to do it.

So I have to work fast! Because of this I may not be able to take as many photos as I would like but I will do my best. Wish me luck!


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