Building Logs

Galley cabinets built odd jobs time

Posted by Paul

Welcome to what should be the last year of the build. Its a big call given how the boat still has holes in it and no windows cut where there should be holes. But I will get some help to finish and hopefully some more of my own time to throw at it toward the very end. I have been managing about 650 hours a year, a pace I think I will maintain for the first half of the year but as the boat starts looking more and more as it will finished I will hopefully double the output in the second half of the year and achieve about 900 hours and see the boat launched either late this year or very early next year.

The bridgedeck cabinets are now all in the boat, the real estate is built out. All that is left is to fit and finish. I still have to build for example the front curved door for the floor to ceiling pantry which will be made once the wire shelving unit arrives. I still have to make and fit the top for the main galley cabinet, which will have the sink and cook top in it, I have now made the top over the fridge but wont glass it in until I get the fridge home (it is still at Jo’s in Qld but both she and the fridge will be home soon) and the last piece of real estate to be made and fitted will the height adjustable dining table, but that wont go in until near the very end. So some loose ends in each hull are being finished. All the bedrooms still have some furniture work but each is waiting for something, the main forward rooms are waiting on the mast posts and the rear the steering and outboard gear. And I have also moved down to the last rooms not fitted out with furniture, the main bathroom shower and laundry.

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