Building Logs

Galley and Bathroom

Posted by Paul

The starboard hull furniture construction is almost complete. I say almost because although nearly all of it is made, there are many parts made but not glassed in yet and many part finished jobs that have small jobs needed to finish it all off. All waiting for one task or another, in most cases wiring or plumbing to go in before finally finishing that part of the build in. Of course final “finishing” wont take place until all construction is finished and final finishing includes linings ro laminates or in some cases fairing and painting and doors hinged and and latches or knobs fitted. In many cases I am not going to use expensive marine latches, and will just use rare earth magnets to keep the doors shut, and standard household knobs and handles but stainless, aluminium or plastic (we haven’t chosen them yet). So the next major furniture to be built is the galley cabinets which like the nav cabinet does on the starboard side, the kitchen

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