Building Logs

Furniture, Plumbing and Wiring

Posted by Paul

More of the same for the next few months as I slowly fill the internal space with cupboards and other furniture to make the boat a home. This work is slow and there is not much to show for the hours of work. This is an exiting year. If it is not the year of the launch it is certainly the year before the launch. So being able to say that launch is this year or at worst next year is a relief. There is obviously a lot of work still to be done but I am closer to the end than the start now so it is encouraging. Hopefully toward the end of the year I will have the boat completely sealed (the sides and rear steps on) and I can pay a team to fair and paint it, which always makes the boat look ready to launch. Once the shiny stuff starts to go on you start marking the time to launch in days not months. One funny thing has happened with regard to launch, this time last year I was saying to my friends I would launch in 2 years, now a year on, despite hitting my yearly average hours I am telling my friends 18 months, so at this rate, next January I will be saying about a year to go!

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