Building Logs

Furniture, plumbing and wiring

Posted by Paul

That heading is not going to change for months as I slowly move one room at a time around the boat fitting the internal furniture. I am not able to just finish a room and move on as I originally thought for 2 reasons, boredom (I get itchy feet to do something different after a while on one job) and efficiency, for example some furniture is the same in both hulls just mirrored and whilst the first hull shows me how to do something I move to the second whilst the memory is still fresh so I can replicate it easily. But there are minor differences in each hull such as where the sumps are and these must be completed before the soles can be glassed down which of course must be done before furniture can be built in over it. I have called the theme of this and the last couple of months furniture, plumbing and wiring, but not much, well none, plumbing and wiring had been done. I have been thinking about where it will go all the while but not come to any furniture yet where it will cross so nothing has been done yet in this regard, but it is rapidly approaching.

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