Foredeck Fitted

Posted by Paul

Unfortunately I didn’t get as much done today as I would have liked, I only got an hour and fitting the foredeck took an hour so not quite enough time left to do as much as I planned but also because the moment I had finished fitting the foredeck I spent the next 20 minutes admiring it! And who could blame me, Schionning lines are beautiful and when they start to show themselves its hard not to admire them. I still catch myself staring at the way the hulls twist from the bows to the chamfer panels under where the tramps will be.

To fit the foredeck I marked the profile of the catwalk onto it and cut it out slightly undersize, then ground it out a little at a time until it fit. I wasn’t sure the angles would allow for the deck to slide under the catwalk sides but after a few trims on the sides of the catwalk and enlarging of the slots on the deck under it went.

I intend to glue it on the weekend. But before I can I need to cut the scallops into the catwalk conduit and insert the stainless steel rod because with the deck on I cant insert the rod into the catwalk or side deck conduits. Then after it is glued on I will move on to the cabin roof (oh and the small matter of fairing it all in!).

Also before I can do any of that I have to recover from the surgery I am having tomorrow. I am unlikely to get anything else done on the job this week, maybe Friday but most likely on the weekend now. A side note on the catwalk, whenever I tell Jo what I have been doing (on the catwalk) the moment I say the word catwalk, she starts humming or whistling the Pink Panther tune!

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