Forebeam work

Posted by Paul

I had a fairly easy day today, I just did a little work on the dingy, I sanded the primer back and did some work on the hatches. I will need to highbuild or bog the noses a little better as they are not fair enough for the paint job we want to do, so once I have a thin layer of bog on it I will sand that back then put another coat of white primer over that and then we can paint it.

I also finally (after months of procrastination over finishing it) got the timber u bolt blocks planed to the correct shape and size to allow the 2 halves of the beam to close around it. Before I did this the blocks were preventing the 2 halves meeting correctly. I didn’t want them too small as I wanted the top and bottom to both glue to the block but too big and I couldn’t make the halves meet properly. Now that is done, I can glue the blocks in, glue the U bolts into the blocks and glue the 2 halves of the beam together. Finally. After putting off the job time after time, in the end it only took an hour, less actually, to finish it. Silly really.

forebeam halves togetherforebeam u bolt

There has also been more work on Nine Lives, the cabin top is almost completed and work continues in creating the cockpit.

nine lives cabin roofnine lives cockpitnine lives main bh

nine lives turretnine lives logo

Tomorrow I will also start work on the inside of the planked section. Recently I am managing to do a little each day as well as the weekends and progress is definitely accelerating. For now!

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