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Forebeam Underside Bogged

Posted by Paul

I turned the forebeam over and laid bog strips on the beam underside today. I gave it a light sand to knock off some rough spots here and there and to flatten some of the bog that was on the underside but before that I filled the last of the high spots visible with the black paint. I then spread bog all over the beam underside then I pulled a notched trowel through the flat bog to leave the bog strips.

By spreading a layer of bog all over the beam then pulling the notched trowel back through you also fill any lows in the beam because the trowel acts as a fairing tool. It does this by hitting the highs either side of the low and then the notches of the trowel don’t touch the bottom of the low leaving an undisturbed layer of bog. The bog beads are about 1 – 2 mm deep, the deeper ones 2mm the less deep about 1mm. You will sand some completely off and most down to less than a mm so the flat layer of bog backfilled will only be 1mm. It seems a lot of bog but ends up after sanding to be very little.

Once I had all of the bog on and strips pulled through it there was not much else I could do on it today. I only had did an hour of work but it was satisfying. I was almost going to give it a miss today but by going in and getting this one hours work done I have saved a day, because had I left this until tomorrow I would still have had to leave any further work until the next day as the bog set anyway. So sometimes an hour today is worth more than just the hour.

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