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Forebeam Underside Backfill Sanded and Last Bog Applied

Posted by Paul

Sanding the underside bog backfill was again hard work for an hour or so, so again maybe 40 minutes of actual sanding. I recommend you keep a towel nearby as perspiration that runs into your eyes is irritating, and with hands (or gloves) covered in dust means you cant easily wipe your face.

Again I found a low in the flat created when I glued the conduits on but again I filled them with the next bog layer screeded with the yellow tongue batten. There was also a low in the front of the beam which the screed also filled. There were still lows after the initial fill but the screed shows where extra fill is needed and it is quite a simple matter to lay some extra bog and screed again. I also had the added complication of the anchor bridle eyes in the way for an uninterrupted screed.

underside part sandedunderside sandedunderside bog lowsunderside final bogged

It took a few more runs of the screed, probably because of the anchor eyes in the way but also because Jo did the screed pull on the other side. It took me about 3 hours to sand and re bog.

Tomorrow I will final sand and spot fill any remaining lows, using the black paint as the guide. Then I will clean up the area around the eyes and the front and rear edges to finish the beam off. Then if there is any time I will start on making some of the parts needed to make the daggers. This has been a productive first week, hopefully I can keep it up and get a lot done this month.

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