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Forebeam Re Bog

Posted by Paul

Jo was at a loose end today so I convinced her to come and help me fair the forebeam. I am so glad she decided to help out because in the end I helped her bog the beam. I started out by hand sanding the beam with the long boards. The hand sanding is really much easier than it appears. It took about half an hour of hard hand sanding. Which revealed that there were now a lot of low spots on the beam. I could not sand any further because I was at the glass in places but still there were lows. We therefore did need another layer of bog using the yellow tongue batten as the screed tool and whilst it is me doing it in the photos I could not do it with quite the right pressure to evenly screed the bog and Jo nailed it first time so we both decided it would be better if she did that. I would then scrape the excess off the batten and reapply it in the lows that were immediately revealed by the screed and we went over it again until the entire beam had an even pull of bog on it.

forebeam lowstpotspulling batten on beam

The pictures above show the low spots left behind after I sanded and also the low spots after the screed. There is a definite trough from the back of the tramp conduit to the body of the beam that needs to be filled. We did this and it took a few runs with the batten before it disappeared. In the end we believe we have the beam very fair and that it will need a minimal sand to finish it to the highbuild stage on this side, with perhaps some bigger pinholes require spot touch ups with bog.

jo faired forebeamrebogged forebeam

Jo and I then had some fun by mocking up with cardboard the positions where the kitchen will be and tracing out where the saloon lounge will be. I had always intended to mock up the furniture positions with cardboard as I don’t have a kit (nor do I want one for again I have different ideas of how I want the layout to go) but the cardboard I had is old and curved so it was difficult to get it to stand where I wanted. I will have another try with better cardboard but it may be better to mock up using the 3mm mdf I currently have on the floors to catch bog spills. It will be easier to work with and will look more like the finished product and I will also be able to use the mdf parts as templates for the proper fit out.

Jo enjoyed helping today and I think she is getting ready to spend more time on the build especially as we get closer to internal fit out and definitely when it comes to fittings and finishes. I have some tough dirty jobs to do this month so I wont blame her if she puts off coming in until next month. Tomorrow I should have a quick job of sanding the beam again before turning it over to fair the underside.

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