Daggerboards, Foam core

Foam Stripped

Posted by Paul

It is amazing how long it takes to strip cut anything. It took me a while to cut the strips for planking and it took me 2 hours to cut the strips of foam for the daggerboards using a circular saw with a sliding fence. I set out the stacks as I cut them to ensure I was clearing the profile depth with each layer but minimise the waste of making them too wide. I figure 2 – 3 mm clearance each side is a good margin of safety. When I glue each strip to the wider layer below I have to ensure it is centred on the strip below, in fact it might be worthwhile marking a centre line on each strip also but the foam is also bowed and flexible so I have to maintain that centring along the length so that when I route out the shape I don’t have any lows where the foam is lower than the router.

Now that I have all of the parts ready to make the dagger blanks (except the cedar blocks for the pulleys and the actual pulleys but they get inserted later after shaping and glassing) I will try to get the foam strips glued together over the next few days so that I can set up to shape the blanks on the weekend.

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