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First Foam Strip Glued to Spine

Posted by Paul

Another day of busy work (well most of the day was wasted with a cancelled flight which meant an afternoon of work catch up) so I didn’t get much time on the boat today. I was at the shed 2 hours but with phone calls etc I reckon only an hour was spent working on the boat. I decided that I would glue the foam to each side of the spine to ensure I got it correctly centred figuring it would be much easier to ensure with only 1 layer of foam to bend and manipulate into place (and to balance on the beam, the higher the stack the less likely to stay stable). To hold the foam centred under the spine (I used the weight of the spine as enough pressure to glue the spine to the foam) I pushed screws into the foam about 2mm to hold the spine centred on the foam with screws pushed in each side to stop it sliding one way or the other.

first foam layer gluedscrews holding foam in place

I also figured it would be easier to glue foam to foam so once the first layer is securely on, the rest of each sides layers would glue on easier. The 3 other layers forward of the spine will be glued on in on go (either after I glue them to each other or as I go on layer at a time) after I have glued the first layer behind the spine. The once the forward foam is all on, I will glue the rear foam on in 2 goes, once I have glued each of those stacks together.

Once the foam is glued on to the spine I will lay the uni in the trough created by the foam onto the duflex spine. The I will be ready to shape the beam, hopefully on the weekend.

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