Building Logs

Finishing Galley Cabinets

Posted by Paul

The Dividing panel that separates the galley and the bathroom is made and the next step, glassing it in will create the finished bathroom space. Once in I will then have the limits of the cabinet space to work with for the main galley cabinets. We have decided we are not comfortable with a gas oven and prefer electric and as we will also want a microwave we have decided on a convection microwave combination oven. We will have a gas hotplate. We have limited space so have decided on a Dometic Cramer combination sink and 3 burner hob set. It has glass lids that restore bench space when either or both are not in use and are neat and tidy. Once the galley cabinets are finished I can move to the bathroom, shower and laundry and that pretty much finishes the internal set out. There are a lot of loose ends to finish around the inside of the boat and the rear steps and outboard well to finish before the rear steps can go in and then finally the rudders to fit before fairing can start and final finishing can also start inside the boat. But there is still a summer of work to do before we get close to that.

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