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Finishing davit parts.

Posted by Paul

The bottom of the davits will need to attach to the duckboard and because there will be quite a lever action of weight pulling down at the end of the davits I want to counter that by adding a foot to the davit that runs back along the duckboard to the bulkhead and for the front of the davit to be rounded at the base so that any loads are transferred down the uni around this curve. I will also curve the back of the foot back up so similarly I can glass from the bulkhead onto the davit foot to continue the load onto the bulkhead, but I should be able to achieve this with a large cove. So with the feet shape cut I glued them onto the davit sides.

I also cut the davit fronts, which was easy enough. I started with parallel planks cut from left over duracore (yes ironically I still have a couple of 16mm planks, but ran out of 19mm planks for the cabin roof, but that is the last of them gone now). Once I had them cut I decided that as I had tapered the curves on the side profile of the davit the shape of the back looked a little out of place so I simply tapered them also. I settled on 100mm wide at the end and the planks were cut to 150mm wide so I marked out a line each side from the end to about 3/4 of the way along and cut them down to that taper.

I then marked the kerf lines and kerfed the 4 planks. The front panel curves both ways (it curves the opposite way to the davit at the foot) so I cut kerfs for the main curve on the inside and kerfs for the foot on the outside and tested the bend around a side and it worked fine with an extra kerf needed here and there. Once I had the first one done and working I marked the others and cut the kerfs. I made the mistake of cutting kerfs for 4 fronts instead of 2 fronts and 2 backs but this wont matter it still bends fine. Cutting kerfs is hard on your forearm muscles. Mine were aching by the end.

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