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Finishing Cockpit Roof Underside

Posted by Paul

Although the weather had cooled overnight, it was temporary. The day got to 27 today, not as hot but when you are sanding, it feels just as hot. The bog had hardened sufficiently overnight to fair it today. I started with the Bohler, a 3 disk rotary sander that I used to start the fairing on the hulls. I start with electric tools and finish by hand. After I had sanded most of the roof down with the Bohler I hit it with a rupes long sander. I then had to backfill pin holes and low parts as I had started to hit glass again meaning a lot of the bog was sanded off. All of this sanding took 4 hours. So I backfilled with epoxy body filler (I used polyester car filler on the daggerboards and am advised not to use it with epoxy) and had a break for lunch.

After lunch I sanded the backfilled section with the Bohler. I then prepared the saloon roof (front section) for a coat of white pigment filled epoxy as a sealer coat. I did not fair this section, I built the roof liners last week but I would still like the roof to be a clean surface so that it can be wiped clean when the roof liners are removed (in case mould should grow from tropical heat). I applied the coat quiet thickly. Once it is set I will give it a light sand then give it another coat. The thick epoxy will act as a filler to partly fair the surface. I also routed the bottom edge round on foam edge and ran some sandpaper on a block over it to smooth it out.

cockpit roof part faired1saloon roof epoxy sealed

All of the work today was tedious, boring and low satisfaction jobs with little or nothing to show. But it did take all day. The roof is almost ready to turn over. I still need to give the cockpit underside a few coats of highbuild and a bit more sanding. Once over I will finish the edging and uni glass and final glass it on and bog it. Then the roof can pretty much go on the boat. So hopefully that will take place next weekend.

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