Fairing, Highbuild, Starboard Hull

Finished Sanding Second Coat of Highbuild

Posted by Paul

I had a day off yesterday. No work, no boat building. Just a lazy day watching surfers at McMaster’s beach and a burger for lunch. A great relaxing day.

Today I sanded the last section of the hull and vacuumed and washed the hull. You can see from the photo that there are very few places that the highbuild is removed completely so I am confident that the last coat will sand easily and that the hull is already pretty fair now.

sb hb2 inboard sanding complete

Hopefully I can get the last coat on tomorrow. and sanded by the weekend. If I do I will put the copper epoxy on on Saturday. Then I will start on the internal tapes. I will turn the hull just after the muster in Mid November.

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