Starboard Hull, Taping hull joins and bulkheads

Final Work to Starboard Hull

Posted by Paul

I only have a the bulkhead to hull tapes to go and the Starboard hull is ready to turn. I anticipate finishing this work well before Christmas but I don’t think I will turn the hull over until January. One of my tasks in January is to finalize where I will join the hulls. The questions I face is the difficulty in moving them, and if so to where or if not the difficulty in getting the boat out of the shed I am in. The job to get it out is to demolish and rebuild the 2 story office, and then remove and replace the aluminium front of the warehouse and all of this is dependant upon permission from the landlord. If I move to another place I still have 6 months lease to go, in which time I will make such things as forward beam, daggers and cases, rudders, and if time I may even make either the cabin top or the hull to deck strip planking. So as you can see there is still plenty of work can be done before I need to join the hulls.

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