Preparing hulls for glassing

Final Preparation Before Glassing

Posted by Paul

I have been at a seminar all weekend but I managed to finish the port hull preparation for glassing on Friday. There is still a long way to go with the hull after glassing such as bogging and fairing but that is next. The last task in the preparation of the port hull was the coving then feathering out of the chamfer panel. Once the filler in the cove had set I feathered it out (sanded the ridges) to create a really smooth transition from one panel to the other.



The only task left is to mark the waterline onto the hull and to cut out the fibreglass, place it into position (dry) and mark it ready to resin, and then remove it again to lay out in order on the day of glassing.

I think its official now though, any other work I do from now until I glass the hull is my way of stalling for time before actually glassing the hull. I am ready, there is nothing more that needs to be done to the hull, but I don’t feel ready to tackle what is a big job yet. Confidence in what you are doing is an amazing thing. When you have confidence you finish tasks without giving them a second thought. You may recall that when I was ready to start gluing the hull panels together I had Brett Schionning come down and guide me so that I could get a feel for the job and then after that gluing the rest of the panels was a breeze, as was standing the bulkheads, then I had Brett down again to help with the chamfer panel and although I had already attached some of the panels I had Brett’s help for the critical panels.

The reason I write all of this is to let some readers know that it is alright to feel like you might need some help or advise from time to time and that there is a network of help available if you need it. There are a number of other builders at various stages that are more than happy to offer advise, and of course there is the Schionning team (or your designer if you choose a lesser *just kidding* different design) ranging from just a re assuring phone call all the way to having someone come and help. I think a few minutes chatting with the guys will be all I need but I am also waiting for some helpers to become available (seriously not an excuse) as it is more than a 1 man job.

Of course there is still plenty of work I can be doing while I am waiting to glass the hull, such as coving the inside of the hull. It has to be done sooner or later anyway.

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