Preparing hulls for glassing

Filling Screw Holes and Pin Holes

Posted by Paul

Jo and I spent 3 lovely weeks travelling to the UK and Hong Kong on business, well we had a 4 day trade fair in Birmingham and 2 days visiting with a supplier in Guangzhou China, the rest of the time was sight seeing. We got back on Sunday but is has taken a day or 2 to catch up on the backlog of work that piled up while we were away and to get our body clocks back to normal time. We have been waking at 2 am feeling hungry then falling asleep at 6pm as if it were midnight!

I did the final touch ups of filling screw holes and bubble holes that form in the filled gaps as a result of filling during the extreme heat we had over January and early February. Also contributing to the air bubbles was the size of some of the gaps that needed to be filled. The filler gets very hot and when it becomes exothermic the heat it generates creates bubbles in the mixture. The bubbles and settling or sagging of too runny mix needed filling back up so that it can be sanded back to smooth.

I have now finished filling, and any small irregularities I am hoping will be filled by the resin of the fibreglassing. It is already fair, and all I need to do is spot sanding of the filled screw and pin holes. I also built up a section at the bow that looked a little too flat, in that the natural curve of the bow had a flat spot. It would be underwater but I felt was easy enough to fix so I did. I will see how it sands back.

I have to travel to Melbourne again tomorrow but should be back on the boat on the weekend. I think I am close to ready to glass.

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