February 4th 2007

Posted by Paul

Finally managed to peel the laptop away from Paul so I can add to my log! We have been lucky enough to have another small sail on a catamaran. We are now up to about 5 times ever on a cat! So far we still like it… and last time I looked we are still building Mahna Mahna.

A concern that I have had for much of the build has been overcoming seasickness when we finally launch. People often ask us what we will do “if we find out we don’t like sailing”. Both of us doubt this will happen, but in an effort to get on top of this “issue”, we have purchased a waterbed. Now each night I get to fall asleep whilst gently rocking on water. Occasionally I have thought there was some slapping on the bridgedeck, but it turned out to be Paul getting up! Just a little tip for those contemplating some sailing lessons on a waterbed… make sure you put the valance in place before the water goes in.

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