Fairing the strips

Posted by Paul

After such a productive weekend it was disappointing today to get so little done. I managed to finally get the holes drilled in the 5mm stainless steel straps with some help from James, well truth be known he drilled them! I was using the drill at super high speed and blunting the drill bits, the key with stainless is very slow and plenty of lubricant, we used liquid soap. If you get an orange peel type steel splinter rather than particles you are on the right track. So once they were drilled I got the blocks drilled and dry fitted into the beam. I still have to shape the blocks so that the top of the beam will fit without the block stopping it from meeting the bottom half. Then I will glue the blocks in, glass them in and glue the 2 halves of the beam together, hopefully this week.

ubolt close upubolts in beam

I also filled a few more of the larger gaps on the strip planked side by inserting duracore off cuts and started to trim the planks up and down, but it was 32 degrees and I left early after getting only 2 hours work done (I am logging 2 hours but the reality is closer to an hour of actual work), most of that walking around not doing much, to go for a swim. In the end I didn’t even go for the swim, whilst it was still about 25 degrees the water felt much colder and I chickened out! Kind of typical of the day really. You got to take the good with the bad.

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