Fairing the first dingy

Posted by Paul

Whilst I have been in Melbourne (on business not to avoid fairing!) Warren has been fairing the dingy. It looks great and is ready to paint. Warren has even gone to the trouble of scalloping in the anchor locker.

faired dingy bowfaired dingy

Warren is thinking he might paint his in camo colours. I think it would look awesome. If I had the money on mine I would love to have an airbrusher paint in a sharks jaws open complete with beady eyes on each bow and a white underbelly and grey color down the hull. The nose still has to go back on but you can see that the shape with the nose on is a bit like the shape of a shark from side on.

Still a little bit to do but not much, this one will be on the water (painted or not) on the weekend, it has to, Warren’s inflatable is gone!

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