Attaching hull panels

Fairing Tabs Attached to Outboard Side of Hull

Posted by Paul

An easy afternoon (its still hot, not as hot as it is for Tom on Scrumble in Darwin! but hot nonetheless) only did 3 hours work and only trimmed the panels to each other on the outboard side of the hull. I think it looks quite fair, there are some panels very near to bulkheads that could not be moved and will have to be bogged to level but otherwise it looks ok, especially the panel join down the middle of hull on the outboard side that will be most visible. The rest on the outboard side are mostly under the waterline. I haven’t done the inboard side yet but it looks pretty good too, and as it is under the bridgedeck is not going to be as visible. I have still taken care on the under waterline joins (as I will be on the under bridgedeck joins) as I want to be confident that if it is inspected out of the water it will not look like I have hidden defects.

I will do the inboard side of the hull tomorrow before heading off to Melbourne for a few days on business. Then when I return later in the week I will start to glue and fill the hull panels together. Then I will try to put the wombat wet out machine together so that I can start to apply the glass to the hull.


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