Dingy faired

Posted by Paul

Warren has been feeling a little guilty for not spending as much time on my dingy (his is already in use). But I have repeatedly assured him that I am more than satisfied with the work he has done in design and also his help in moving my hulls next weekend more than make up for any lack of work on the dingy.

But today I got a bonus. Warren feathered all of the glass tapes, in other words, he faired the dingy. Not a pleasant job and I was glad for him to be doing it! It only took him an hour, but a hard hour! Unlike on the main build the tapes are still visible after sanding as I have not bothered with bog to completely fair them out, but I am not so concerned with looks on this boat and I am very concerned about additional weight as this dingy will need to be lifted up beaches and up and down on the targa. It just isn’t that important.

dingy 2 outboard plate and seatdingy 2 seat and outboard plate

I spent the hour making the seat, seat blocks and transom plates. I glued the blocks and transom plates in place after Warren had finished. Tomorrow I will glass them all in, and fit the deck furniture. All that will be left will be to paint it or give it another resin coat and to cut the hatches out and hinge them.

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