Dingy bottom painted

Posted by Paul

I did not do any work on the big boat today, I only had a couple of hours so I spray painted the bottom of the dingy with primer and did a little more work on the hatch lids. I need to get the dingy painted by Friday because Paul a friend of James (and now a friend of mine) is going to airbrush it and needs a white base to work with. Tomorrow I will paint the top half. In the afternoon and evening today, Jo and I sailed on a 28ft mono in the Wednesday twilight racing at the Gosford sailing club as a guest of Dennis and Dave (the boat owner). We didn’t do too well but hopefully we will improve as the season progressed. Jo and I loved it, even though there was a bit of a southerly blowing so it was at times a bit cold.

Tomorrow I hope to also wet out the glass on the starboard side deck, although I doubt there will be time after I paint the dingy. If I cant get it done tomorrow I wont be able to take the panel off on Saturday as there wont have been enough time for the glass to have properly set by then even if I was able to get it done on Friday.

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