Dingy 2 chines on.

Posted by Paul

Jo and I spent the weekend in Sydney loosely around the Orange County Choppers show on Saturday night. Before we went to that I spent an hour cutting the chines and kerfing them ready to glue on Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately it rained from around 7pm Saturday until we left around 9pm. Fortunately we had umbrellas. For those that don’t know, there is a show on cable TV called American Choppers where the Teutel family build theme bikes for celebrities and charities amid family bickering liberally sprinkled with bleeped out swearing. Good wholesome family fun! We like the show and thought the event would be fun. They built a bike (well assembled it anyway) on stage and then raffled it. We waited for the raffle to be drawn then left due to the rain. Needless to say we didn’t win! We decided that missing the OCC band was not a big deal in the circumstances. We also spent the night in a hotel in town and had a chocolate fondue which I ate so much of I got a tummy ache, we then watched our football team only just hang on to win the first game of the year on a late replay. Pizza, way to much chocolate and a 2 am finish! What a way to go!

We did some shopping on Sunday and got home around 2. Enough time for me to get a quick 2 hours work done gluing the cosmetic chine panels onto the boat.

I was surprised this took 2 hours but it did. I didn’t have any problems, nor did I dawdle but for some reason I got there at 2.30pm and got home at around 4.45pm so 2 hours is what it took.

dingy 2 chines readydingy 2 chines attacheddingy 2 chines attached 1dingy 2 chines attached 2

Now that these chines are glued onto the boat I can start to trim all the overhanging joins off and round the joins so that I can tape them. I can also start to cove the internal joins and tape them up also. I still have some minor panels to attach at the stern to make up the buoyancy compartments for the outboard but other than that there is only the lids to fit. 18 hours for me on this one now. Almost done. The end of another great weekend.

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