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Deck Joins Coved

Posted by Paul

Today I sanded all of the rough glue which often sets in sharp point, on each of the joins that need to be glassed to finish the foredeck. The side deck to fore deck joins require quite large coves larger than the ones that join the chamfer panel to the hull or underwing, the largest coves on the boat and I was a little concerned that I might get an exothermic reaction if I locked the cove in under wet glass, causing air bubbles and brittleness of the material. So I decided to cove and let it set, sand it smooth then glass it and bog it tomorrow.

Unfortunately I mixed a bit too much coving material so I decided to use it under the catwalk in the join there. I really should have glassed this wet on wet but by the time I got to this work it was getting quite late so I decided that I would risk it still being green enough tomorrow (unlikely) or sand it, or just apply a little more coving over this cove and glass onto that.

Hopefully this weekend will see the bow section of the hull completed, the glassing all done and bog applied so just the fairing to finish, so that I can move onto another section of the build in September.

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