Building Logs

Davits, duckboard and rear steps.

Posted by Paul

Unfortunately I did not get as much of the the rear steps done as I wanted in February and in fact I may not be able to complete them until I have a definite idea of the outboards I will fit. I am leaning to the Evinrude Etec 30 hp. They are only 65kgs for a 30hp motor and have a fairly good final drive ratio and excellent service intervals (you don’t touch them for the first 3 years). So assuming I settle on them I then have to be sure they fit inside the steps. The only way to be absolutely sure is to have one but as I dont have the cash yet I will have to get the dimensions and hope that the specs are accurate. I will get the duckboard finished and the davits on this month. With any luck I will also finish the steps and close the final gap in the decks. Then it is inside for a while.

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