Dagger cases

Dagger Case Back Glued On

Posted by Paul

With the dagger case glued at the front and set today I sanded that smooth so that I could glass the front and glue the back on. The back is 25mm ply with 3 layers of double bias on the inside. I had pre glassed the inside of the backs on the weekend. You have to be careful again not to apply too much glue because you don’t want it to squeeze out into the inside of the case. I wet the glass for the front of the case and also brushed resin onto the face of the balsa edges of the case sides and let it go off a little while I applied the glass to the front of the case. Then I mixed a thick mix of glue and applied it as carefully as I could onto the outside 3/4 of the edges in the hope that the glue that would squeeze forward would only be enough to reach the edges. I had to clamp the case sides to pull them in to the correct size so that the case was tight enough.

dagger case back glueddagger case front glassed

Now the wait to find out that the case is the correct size and not too tight. I cant imagine that it wont be the correct size but that wait until I can slide the dagger out and remove the packers and slide it back in is always there. Once it is set I will round the back corners and apply quite a lot of uni to the back to ensure that no mater what, there is no way the dagger could ever exit the case backwards!

Then once I do that its time to glue the dagger case into the boat!

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