Bridgedeck, Uni directional glass

Cutting uni strips.

Posted by Paul

The cross boat bulkheads (4,5,6,7) are strengthened with uni tape along the top edge of the bulkhead (after removing the balsa core to a depth of 25mm) and also on either side of the bulkheads on the bridgedeck laid one layer on top of another. On one bulkhead 15 layers of 450g uni is specified. However, I have some 1000g uni and after consulting the designers I am advised that I can substitute 2 layers of 450g with 1 layer of 1000g which at least halves the number of layers but as they are thicker the end result will be a very similar size stack and amount of resin used, it will just be a little less work. I have started cutting the uni strips to length from the 1300mm wide roll. I started by cutting off a section of the roll to the longest uni needed and then I started stripping it down into 50mm strips in the same way I did for the uni on the underwing stiffeners. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures but I need more strips so I will take some then.

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