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Cockpit Seat Tops Forming

Posted by Paul

Because I am making the cockpit seating from parts and offcuts I have formed a number of smaller pieces into 3 larger panels, one piece curves around the port side of the boat around where the breakfast table will be, the other side (starboard side) also has a number of parts formed into a single panel that covers the helm seat base and around to the back of the boat to the third panel that curves around to form the rear seat all the way along the rear bulkhead from one side to the other.

port cockpit seat topstarboard cockpit seat top

Once this is set I will glass the joins then back on the boat one final cut on each side to match the joins of these panels to the rear spanning seat top panel to each other then I can start to glue and glass the panel onto the seats and then finally the seat backs can be glue and glassed on to seal the cockpit. A lot of the rear spanning seat will become hatches so I wont glue this section down initially but the side seating is directly above the accommodations below (bathroom on port side, bedroom on starboard side) so the seat tops wont have any hatches through them so they can be glued straight in.

I also have to glue another layer of duflex to the front lip of the seat overhangs so that the lip becomes 25mm or so, so that it can be rounded and glassed, but this will be done on the boat once the seat tops are glued on. I have started stripping some offcuts to glue on.

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