Clean Up Day

Posted by Paul

Little to show for my work today. I only spent 5 hours, 4 hours cleaning and hour measuring and sorting panels and planning the next stage of the build. I have a new plan. I have ummed and ahhed about whether I should build the cabin top under the bridgedeck or wait for the other boat to move out of the shed. Although it is very close to moving now I have decided to get a start under the boat then move out when the other boat is moved if I have not yet finished the top.

underwing clean

Every now and then it is important to have a clean up. I have not had a serious clean up for a few months so I was long overdue. There was a lot of dust from the fairing of the other boat and I also had offcuts and peelply all over the place. I rearranged the panels that are still left over and got to the 3 big panels that form the wrap around cabin side and front and put them in an accessible place, they will be required once the cabin roof is in place on the boat.

I decided to go ahead with the cabin top yesterday. I have a lot of low gratification work to do and it is getting hot again, so in order to not lose motivation I will intersperse the hard grunt work with exciting high visual work like making the cabin top. Also in the heat it is much hotter up on the boat as I am 2 meters closer to the roof where the hot air has risen to and under the bridgedeck it is about 10 degrees cooler. The only drawback is I have to work bent over, but I will probably do most work on my knees so it wont be too bad.

The cabin top is the last major boat part that I have to make, or at least it is the last big part, I still have the furniture to fabricate and the rudders (and rudder boxes), the rear steps and cockpit seating, the targa bar and all the plumbing and wiring. Once made and the wrap around are on, the boat is practically at lock up (the side hull to deck panels still have to be glued on) but I will have the shell pretty much done save for fairing so most of next year will be spent inside the boat and maybe dust and rubbish can be kept a little better under control.

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