Bridgedeck, Taping hull joins and bulkheads

Chamfer joins taped.

Posted by Paul

After a couple of days in Melbourne I got back to work on the boat. Today I taped the topside deck to chamfer joins. I filled the remaining gaps that were under the tabs as I went and then taped onto the wet filler. I also decided to peel ply the tapes with recycled peel ply to minimise the work needed to sand them back because not much of the joins if any will be exposed to scrutiny as they will end up inside furniture.

Whilst the plans call for the usual 200mm tape and 150mm tape I decided to use larger tapes on these joins and opted for 250mm and 200mm tapes on the inside and will use 300mm and 250mm tape on the underside. It is probably totally unnecessary but I figure the additional weight is minimal and the extra strength whilst it may never be called into play will at least add to my piece of mind.

Tomorrow I will start on the underside. I still have to sand those joins back and then cove them again, this time with a larger radius curve on the chamfer. I will then tape this wet on wet. I may use the wombat for that tape wet out as these are full length tapes whereas the internal joins are punctuated by the bulkheads and are therefore a series of shorter tapes.

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