Chamfer joins sanded and deck joins taped.

Posted by Paul

As I mentioned in my last post, the plans call for the deck panels that are joined together to create the giant full bridgedeck to be butt joined together, glued and taped, so I glued the panels and I taped the underside and then glued the stiffeners on and faired it. But when it came to turning the deck it was much easier to get the deck onto the trailer straight away in order to move it into position under the boat whilst I had the extra labour at my disposal making the taping of the top of the deck a little difficult at the time. So I raised the deck and glued it into place before taping the other side of these joins. I taped them today. And as I was taping the deck after it is glued in place I decided to take advantage of that by extending the tapes down the chamfer panels in order to add some cross deck strength mid panel (the joins are about half way between each bulkhead) in the same way that the unis along the edge of the bulkhead will. Not much extra strength but it all helps.

I also have sanded back and rounded all of the chamfer to deck joins ready for taping on the weekend. I still have to fill the spaces under the holding tabs but I can do that as I tape wet on wet. Once these tapes are down I can get started on the unis. And once they are done I will be able to remove the legs under the deck. I need to use that timber to make a set of steps. I had very sore hamstrings and thighs from climbing up and down all weekend.

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