Catwalk Sides Shaped

Posted by Paul

The catwalk sides are shaped ready to be glassed. I have to fill some gaps where I did not quite manage to sand out the joins (due to cutting the foam a touch narrow). No matter, some thickened glue will fix that easily. I shaped the sides using a belt sander to knock the majority of it out. Some would use a plane but I prefer a sander as foam is fairly soft and the sander gives you time to start stop start and make sure you don’t take too much off. Then when I thought I was close to shape I got onto a torture board to finish the shape and size. It might be useful to have a female of the required shape to use as a template to check the shape at various points along the length but this shape is fairly basic and I felt I could get a fairly good shape by eye. I think it looks OK.

So tomorrow (hopefully) I will start on the glassing. With the sides glassed (2 layers) the catwalk will be very much stiffer and I think just a centre stiffener and 3 crossing the catwalk should be ample. Once the sides are glassed and the stiffeners in and glassed I can trim it size and shape and glue it onto the boat.

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