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Catwalk Sides Glassed

Posted by Paul

I needed to fill some gaps in the sides of the foam joins as I underestimated the shape and size again (I also did that with the daggers due to a kink in them) but as with the daggers, backfilling the gaps was a simple matter if not a little time consuming. I cut the foam really tight because I had an offcut I could get the strips I needed out of if I kept them to the size I did and I still have to make the rudders and the bows out of the foam so it is a precious resource.

It was easier to fill and then glass wet on wet so I did that. I rounded the duflex edges with a router then I started filling the foam gaps and finally I made the cove on the underside of the catwalk to side joins.

catwalk glassed

Then I wet out 4 lengths of tape all 300mm that will overlap around the middle leaving 2 layers over the conduit. I also overlapped the top and bottom edges and on the underside I made sure the overlap continued past the side onto the base via a coved join. This ensures that the glass completely encases the sides and as it also attaches to the base the conduit is well and truly attached. I attached peel ply to save on sanding as I will have to apply a thin layer of bog in order to fair the sides, however the cold at the moment will probably mean that the glass will still be green enough to get a chemical bond anyway.

I also still have to glue the stiffening frame in. I have all of the pieces cut (foam) ready to glue and will do that tomorrow. Once glued on I will round the edges and cove the joins then I will glass a layer of uni onto the tops of the frame then a layer of tape to hold it all down. Once the frame is in and the sides are faired I can trim it to the template and glue it (and glass it) into the boat. Hopefully it will be on the boat by the end of the weekend.

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