Catwalk Glassed, Sides Glued

Posted by Paul

Not much work time this week. Just 3 hours. I have glued and glassed the catwalk base and sides. I have cut the foam to make the shaped sides (the catwalk sides are have conduit for the trampolines but these sides are the only horizontal flat surface so I have decided to glue foam to the sides and shape it to match the forebeam) and glued them into a pyramid ready to shape before gluing the conduit in.

catwalk sides

I have not put in as many hours this month as I would have liked. I have been achieving 80 hour months for the last few months so 62 is a bit below par. Hopefully I can make some of that up next month. Tomorrow I am going to the Sydney boat show.

Time Spent: 62.00 Hours
Total build time so far: 1758.00 Hours
Total Elapsed Time: 2 Years 10 months 4 weeks

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