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Catwalk Glassed In

Posted by Paul

The catwalk is now glassed into the boat. Yesterday I did some coving with the intention of shaping it today with the sander as opposed to my usual practice of coving and glassing wet on wet. It was set enough to do that but I regretted the decision within minutes! Sanding and grinding upside down means you get covered in dust and it is hard work balancing on a milk crate and grinding and sanding. I still had to cove even more so there was still some wet on wet work so in the end I should probably have just applied enough glue to fill the gaps and hold it all together and coved today to immediately glass onto it.

Once I had finished grinding and sanding I got the vacuum cleaner out to clean up the dust both on the catwalk and inside the 3 foredeck hatches so that I could glass and paint dust free. Then a wet rag to clean the rest of the dust off and I let it dry while I made some coving tools out of hardened paint brushes. I buy cheap brushes and just throw them out after resining but today I decided to grind them into coving tools, they worked well. Later on when glassing I had a paint brush malfunction and the hairs just fell out of the brush I was using, but as it was the last one I had left I had to persevere with it.

catwalk glassed undercatwalk glassed on above

I then coved all of the remaining areas that needed it and started on the wet out with the faulty cheapo paint brush. Glassing upside down is extremely difficult. You have to get it all on before you can relax as gravity is working hard against you. I found it easier to get the thin tape on first and to help me I made it too long so it could wrap around the turn to keep it from falling. I then went onto some other taping before placing the second tape on under as with the first tape tacked off just a little it made it a bit stickier so that the second tape was not so inclined to fall off. I put 2 layers of glass on the underside and 3 layers on top and around the sides. I then only needed a few tapes at the front to finish the glass in.

foredeck hatches paintedinside anchor well

Once the glass is set the catwalk can be walked on. I put my weight on it today and it held me fine but it was only glued on so I get out on it I just leaned on it. I will also have to sand back the rough glass and re-bog the catwalk where I have ground it back to glass.

I painted the inside of the 3 foredeck wells. The middle one will be an emergency or secondary anchor well, the primary anchor will be stowed behind this well in a deeper well behind it in part of the void between the 2 bedrooms, with 2 300 litre freshwater tanks behind that. The well either side will be sail lockers and other spares. With the Bi-rig there are only the 2 mainsails so spares would be 1 or 2 of the same (not sure we would need a spare for each mast as the sails are all identical, so 1 spare should do it) perhaps a spinnaker of some kind.

With the wells painted and the catwalk glassed, the next step is to glue the foredeck down. Some readers may recall that I had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee about 2 years ago and my right knee has had floating cartilage popping out the last few weeks and an opening come up for surgery Tuesday so I may not get much done for the rest of the week, so tomorrow night I am hoping to get the forebeam re bogged and maybe (depending on time) even get the foredeck glued on.

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